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Documents we may require from you

Always include any other document that you deem to be important. 

Salary Earners

IRP5, Certificate from bank if interest was earned (IT3b), Medical Aid Tax Certificate, Medical accounts & receipts paid by yourself (if any), Retirement Annuity Tax Certificate (if contributed), In case of car/travel allowance received or use of motor vehicle: Logbook with vehicle details and Proof of Purchase Price of Vehicle (Invoice or HP agreement).

Commission Earners [commission must be more than 50% of total salary]

Proof of all costs relating to earning your commission e.g: Cellphone charges, Logbook of business travel, Interest Certificate on HP purchase of vehicle, Document proof of travel expenses, such as fuel, repairs and maintenance.

Rental Income

Rental/Lease agreement, Bond Tax Certificate or Statement, Proof of Commission paid to letting agency, Property repair and maintenance receipts, Rates and Taxes, Levy (in case of sectional title or flat).

Capital Gain

In case of selling non-primary residence:

Valuation Certificate done before 1 October 2001, Proof of all costs relating to buying and selling of Property, Proof of improvements on Property.

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