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Basic Terms and Conditions of Service

We do not sign any contract to serve you for longer than the current year, it is your obligation to contact us in future years should you want to make use of our services again. All information is to be supplied by the clientSmart Tax is not responsible for the actions performed by SARS in finalizing your submission, including the time span involved in this regard. Only legally claimable expenses may be submitted to Smart Tax. By submitting expenses to us, your intention is that we should claim it on your behalf. Smart Tax will not be liable for any omissions due to the client withholding information. By submitting your documents to us, you declare full disclosure of all sources of income, expenses, allowances and capital transactions. You agree to provide full information necessary for dealing with your affairs: we will rely on the information and documents provided as being true, correct and complete, and will not audit the information or those documents. We will observe the professional rules and guidelines of our professional Institute and accept instructions to act for you on the basis that we will act in accordance with those guidelines. Should you not sign any engagement letter with Smart Tax, but still proceed to do business with us, you automatically accept the terms and conditions as stated on this page. It should be noted that all tax returns are filed through SARS efiling and the following terms and conditions in regard to efiling shall apply:

  • Smart Tax the efiler acts as a duly authorized agent on your behalf.
  • You will be liable for the due and timeous fulfilment of all your obligations towards SARS.
  • Any information submitted by us to SARS will be based on information received from you and you are responsible for ensuring that such information is true and correct.
  • Before we submit we will need your confirmation that the information being submitted is a true and correct reflection of what you have provided.
  • We have disclosed the minimum conditions for mandate to you.
  • Where SARS changes the conditions of efiling on their website, the effect of such changes will take three months. Smart Tax will disclose any change and minimum conditions within the three month period to you.

​We acknowledge that the SARS efiling website may be inaccessible due to maintenance activities or due to circumstances beyond the reasonable control of SARS, including, but not limited to virus infection, unauthorised access [hacking], power failure or other instances of force majeure beyond reasonable control and in this case we can't be held liable if we can not process your returns or payments due to any one of these occurrences. 

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